Are You Unintentionally Planning Your Life Away From God?

Are You Unintentionally Planning Your Life Away From God?

How much planning are you doing for your life? And more importantly are you rigidly holding on to those plans?

Lemme clarify first by saying all the standard stuff.

  • Planning is good
  • Having goals is good
  • Having a solid foundation is one of the keys to success
  • Working towards your plans and goals is imperative

Great. Now that I got those basic truths out of the way let's delve into walking by faith and how that works with the above.

If you made a ton of plans for your life in great detail what happens when God asks you to do something contrary to your plans?................ Sticky situation eh?


What happens when you've planned out your life as a lawyer, and then God asks you to be a judge? or a police officer instead?

What happens if you have planned out your life with Susan (still just dating), but then God introduces you to this amazing woman Amelia because Amelia's purpose matches your own? And Susan's purpose and yours are incompatible...

What happens when you've planned your rise up through the ranks of your company, and then God changes your manager to someone who doesn't believe in you... and promotes someone else?

There are countless scenarios where we plan but we plan so rigidly that we don't have room for God to be God in our planning. Now don't get me wrong, if you are following God's plans then you're golden. Because he doesn't make mistakes ;)

But ask yourself this.

What happens if God has different plans?

How well would I take it if He changed everything on me? Would I freak out? Would I get angry and throw a fit? Would I lash out?


Would I accept His changes, His will and embrace it happily and move onward in whatever direction God took me?

Something to ponder perhaps...?


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