Are You Sure God's Not Waiting On You?

Are You Sure God's Not Waiting On You?

What if the answer to your prayer requires you to change. What if God's waiting on you?

Now let me be clear. God doesn't "wait" on anyone, for any reason. He's God. He's already got a plan. haha.

God Plays Chess Backwards

So you prayed for something right? We all do. I know I have a few hanging out there right now I am waiting on. But while you're waiting for God to do his part have you stopped to think

What's my part in my own answered prayer?

Be real about it. Is there anything you need to be doing as part of your own prayer being answered?

Sure if you are praying that your Dad be healed of cancer, there isn't much you can do.

But what about if you are praying for that prodigal son to return? Or that relationship to be healed? Or the new job? That pay raise? Your ministry to have more reach?

While you are waiting for God, what should you be focusing on? Working on?

If you are wanting your job, your ministry, your business to improve... shouldn't you be studying? Getting a mentor? Or maybe it's just something as personal as admitting you might be wrong about how you are running things? How you are doing the books? How you are doing the marketing?

Should you be working harder? Putting in more hours? Sacrificing more?

Should you be open to changing yourself perhaps? Perhaps you're holding tight to a terrible mistake because you're too proud to turn around and let things fall?

Try this! Ask God:

Lord, what do I need to do for my prayers to be answered?


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