Anger, Bitter and Numbness

Not a long post today. Just a realization.

When bitterness and anger turn to numbness the deception is that the anger and bitterness are therefore gone. The reality is that the numbness has covered the anger and bitterness over like a blanket. And one day when the numbness wears off we are confronted with that unresolved anger. And it sucks.

The good news is when it arrives, you can finally deal with it. Express it. Release it. Forgive and finally abandon it on the roadside as you drive away.

Healing is worth the fight.

The Practice Journey

Such a weird moment when you look at something you drew and realize you aren't horrible at this... While I am not happy with 99.9999% of my drawings, once in awhile I do something and I am happy with it. Today is one of those days. Take the 4th image below, the character at the furthest left. I am actually really happy with that, at this stage. And I actually feel I have talent somewhere to develop. How good can or will I be? No idea, but I can honestly and genuinely say I don't feel I suck!


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