Alright Fellow Men, Let's Talk Bullets

Alright Fellow Men, Let's Talk Bullets

It's an old analogy: "I'd take a bullet for my wife, for my family!". The meaning being as a man, why wouldn't I step in front of my wife, my children and put myself in the line of fire to take the bullet to save them? It's what any good man would do. It's what is expected of men! We are to sacrifice ourselves for our wives, our children, for others just as Christ did for us.

But that's the cliché easy analogy. And most guys will say they would. However let's look at the rest of their life shall we?

Does he say he will take a bullet for his family and sacrifice himself...

but he won't change himself?

Does he say he would protect his family...

but when things get hard he wants to cut his loses and run?

Does he say he would change...

but he acts like he will only make 1 degree of change every year.

Does he say he will change...

but as soon as the change is painful he stops?

Does he say he loves you more than life itself...

but after every argument you feel like everything ended up being your fault?

Does he say he'll never let you go

but he won't let you go anywhere or do anything without his permission or presence?

Does he say he will never stop loving you...

but he won't stop cheating?

To The Guys

We men need to get our ____ together. It's not just about taking bullets and the rest of the days you are on vacation to just do what you want. Sacrifice means you have to be willing to change, grow, mature, adapt alongside your wife. We don't just have to make the ultimate sacrifice, we have to also make the daily sacrifices. That's why we are called to live with our wives in an understanding way, unconditionally loving her.

To The Gals

Stop listening to your mans words and pay attention to his actions. Words are often not representative of the truth, of reality. However a man's actions are his truth. If he's cheating and you know it, don't doubt yourself. Trust your intuition! If he's giving attention to others, then he's giving attention to others! he shouldn't be in those ways! Not even the slightest bit!

If he refuses to change but promises you the world, then he's dysfunctional and toxic. He says he would give you the world, but he won't do any work to improve that world! Think about it!

If he deflects and points out things you do wrong, so he doesn't look like the bad guy then believe him! He's more worried about looking bad than he is about your integrity! He doesn't care about your heart, your feelings! He only cares about himself. He's using you for entertainment, pleasure, or something else. He doesn't actually care about you, he only really cares about himself.

Words are cheap. Actions are loud, clear, and above all else they are truth


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