Rising Above The Darkness

So often the world pulls us in so many different directions. While The Lord, family, friends, and coworkers pull us in other directions.

Our tomorrow is impacted by our decisions today. How do we navigate it all? One day, one moment, one decision at a time!

Rising Above The Darkness is my way of talking through life as a Christian in America today. It's real, it's transparent and it won't be boxed in by 'tradition' nor will it be silenced by social / media 'bullying' tactics.

(Note: Every single Oxford Comma's on this site is a dedication to my best friend who's love and tenacity for the Oxford Comma is mirrored in her inspiring ability to rise above the crap life can deal you.)

Who me!?

Well I would just say I am just a guy trying to navigate through life like everyone else. Though others (you know who you are...) would argue that with me. Because they expect me to practice what I preach.

Everyone has a purpose, whether it is great or small. Everything and everyone is created by The Lord which means it has to have purpose, it has to have value. Else why would He spend both the time and energy to make it!?

Oh, You Wanted A Real Answer?

While I started out life in much the same environment as many Americans. A mixture of Agnostic, Christianity, and Catholicism. I chose my own path entering into my teens and walked myself into pagan beliefs and the occult for the better part of a decade.

That only served me so long. So long as my life was not in ruins that is... I hit my knees when believing I was in control cost me everything I cared most about. And in that moment, when the lenses of arrogance and selfishness fell away, I saw plainly who had been walking alongside me the entire time.

He had been there the entire time, my entire life. I knew it, I just refused to admit it because I refused to serve anyone but myself.


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