A New Way To Pray

A New Way To Pray

Perhaps you read the title and thought: "A new way to pray you say? I'm sure I've already heard this before..."

Humor me, please :)

When we pray, we pray in the name of Jesus or to the Father right? That's all good. Awesome even. But what if I added to that? What if I threw in something that changes the prayer game? What if while you were praying you:

Asked Jesus to help you pray the prayer.

That's right. What would happen if you started praying and then while you prayed you asked Jesus "Please Jesus, help me pray this prayer. Jesus help me pray." and then continued to pray for whatever it was you were praying for....

What if you pleaded over and over for Jesus to help you pray the prayer?

What would happen if you needed Jesus alongside you to pray, to Him? What would happen if you asked Jesus to be part of the prayer, not just the one who answers them?

What would happen?

Perhaps you should find out...


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