A Country Divided, is Healing?

The ever growing divide across the country is healing the country.

Now you might read that and say "Um what!?". And that's fair. But hear me out?

The rift is growing between "left" and "right". And honestly that's a good thing, although at first glance it looks terrifying. But here's the thing... we all need the crazies to get out of our boats and get in their own. We need the extremists to divide out and leave the reasonable American's to get work done building an even better country and future. The socialists and identity politics people are breaking away from the liberals. And the wackos and haters are breaking away from the conservatives. Honestly this is a good thing.

The overwhelming majority of American's are in the middle and reasonable. Willing to work and compromise and talk with others to find solutions and equality. Without the conservatives we'd still have slavery and woman would not have rights. Without the liberals we'd be stuck in traditions that needed to be discarded, unable to grow out of our shells.

So don't hate the social media bullies shouting from their rooftops. But rather let them drift further and further into irrelevance while you and the rest of the good people (conservative and liberal) start tuning them and the news media out. Once we move past these talking heads and liars we can build something wonderful together.

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